Why High Schools Need a Mobile App for Athletics

June 20, 2017 by REPu

I’m curious. Are you reading this from a mobile device? Well, based on all of the statistics, I bet you are. Over 50% of the content on the internet is now being consumed by a mobile device and that is increasing every year by about 30%. On the flip side, the remaining content is being consumed using a desktop or laptop and that is decreasing by around 20% per year.

If you want to see real life examples of this shift towards mobile, then just go visit your local high school or college. Students these days consume just about everything via their mobile device.

It’s crazy how mobile is changing the way we interact with our favorite brands, the way we pay for purchases, how we take and share photos & how we expect to receive our content. Just talk to any high school student and most likely the brands they interact with are the ones with a strong mobile presence. The businesses and industries that don’t keep up with mobile trends will get left behind.

What if high school sports across the US had a strong mobile presence? What if underfunded public schools could serve up their sports content to their students, parents, and fans in a modern way? What if this could be done easily for schools of any size?

This all leads to REPu. We have a passion for sports and a passion for today’s youth. We see a huge opportunity to partner with high schools across the country to help promote and elevate their athletics to their entire community. This will give the high school sports fan the same experience that they are used to with their professional & collegiate sports apps. Think ESPN app for each individual high school!

So what makes the REPu Mobile Platform so special? Well, I’m glad you asked 😉 Here’s just a few things….

    • Enables you to promote every sport, not just the big ones
    • It gives your school a modern presence in the mobile space
    • It engages your fans & school community on a daily & weekly basis
    • It empowers you to deliver updated content to your fans instead of them having to go search for it

Watch this short video so you can see what the app looks like:

Build stronger sports communities. REPu is about high school and club sports. Your fans and community are important. Our job is to make sure you're always connected to them.