The Endless Summer… of new features!

March 18, 2021 by Jason Buscema

I know spring isn’t even technically over yet, but I can’t wait for summer! I’ll tell you why… in just a moment.

Let’s face it, 2020 was very challenging and highly disruptive for schools. Well, for everyone. Last year, schools were closed, seniors couldn’t walk for graduation and sports took a backseat. Some sports for some schools in some states just started playing within the last couple of months. Football in the spring? Sports are just starting to make a comeback. That’s tough, and we want to help.

After things had basically shut down last year, and schools were closed or shifted to online, REPu was able to do a bit of a reset. A much-needed reset. Instead of just writing off 2020 completely, we decided to call it a rebuilding year. (Um, like the Patriots? Come on Bill, call it what it is.) We sat down and started to plan what the REPu platform would look like in 2021. What new features would be added to the platform? We think we nailed it. Want to see some of the new REPu features and updates?

Here’s why I’m so excited for summer!


This is by far the most requested feature we’ve been asked about over the past two years. Communication with coaches, players, and parents/guardians is important. Many schools and districts have guidelines in place that prohibit coaches from directly texting with their athletes. Some schools or individual teams find their own solution, including social media. Others rely on an all-school implemented solution which isn’t really ideal for athletics. We decided to create our own.

REPu Messaging is secure and private.

  • Security – All messages are fully encrypted, end-to-end. We can’t read your messages and no one else can either.
  • Privacy – We take privacy very seriously. REPu is NOT an advertising company and we do not use your data for any sort of tracking. There are no ads and no creepy tracking on REPu.
  • Customizable – As a school or a coach, you determine what you want your messaging set up to look like. Do you want announcement only for some groups, then allow two-way for others? Maybe you only want announcements only for your team. Or maybe yet, as a school you want to set the policy for all teams. No matter what route you choose, REPu Messaging has you covered.

Mobile Administration

No laptop at the game? No problem! I would say this is the second most asked-for feature from schools we partner with. I’ll be upfront and say this is something we should’ve had a long time ago. After all, we’re a mobile platform, right? Starting this summer, you’ll be able to manage your content from the mobile app in addition to using the website.

This is extremely important at tournaments when events shift constantly and need to be changed on-the-fly. Did the game get postponed at the last minute due to lightning or inclement weather? No problem. Just make the change in the app and let everyone know. Easy as that.

While this makes your job a lot easier now, I’m excited about this for another reason. The content. Content is king, and sports generate a lot of it! Armed with only your mobile device, you can now post photos, videos, and a post-game news story to share with your community. This is a fantastic way to keep everyone engaged and promote your school athletics.

Here’s a few things you’ll be able to do:

  • Send notifications
  • Add a live stream
  • Score an event in real-time
  • Edit an event (Change the date, time, location, etc)
  • Create news stories
  • Add photos and videos
  • Update a roster profile
  • Give out responsibility to other coaches or trusted parents to co-manage the content

An All-New Design

We’re obsessed with good design, clean layouts, and engaging interfaces. I mean, obsessed! We’ve spent the better part of this past year refining the design for our platform. Everything from the layout, to the colors, button, size of the text, transitions, and more. We wanted to give everything a facelift but still maintain the simplicity that everyone already knows and loves. Our goal was to enhance YOUR content in the mobile app.

The new design is sleek and sexy. Can I say the word sexy? Is that allowed here? We’re really proud of it and I can’t wait to show it off to you this summer. While it’s new, it will feel very familiar at the same time. You have enough to deal with as it is, so forcing you to learn an entirely new interface was out of the question for us.

We’re also updating the design of the school websites in addition to the mobile app.

Other New Features

I had planned to keep this post short. Sorry about that! Here’s some of the other great REPu new features coming this summer:

  • Availability – Know who’s available or not available for your upcoming practices & events.
  • All School Feed – One place to see everything that’s happening with all sports & teams from the entire school.
  • Live Streaming – REPu now integrates with a number of modern live stream partners so your content is instantly available in your mobile app and website.

There’s a lot more, but I’ll stop here for now. We’re so excited to get this new release into your hands. Let us know if you want to get a more detailed sneak peek at some of the new features.

You can also Book a Virtual Demo and learn more about REPu.

Here’s to sports making a HUGE comeback.


Jason is one of the co-founders and runs the technical teams at REPu. He's responsible for developing new technologies and partnerships for REPu. Schools know him as the Apple Developer expert. Like most REPu folks, Jason has coached numerous youth teams and is very involved with schools sports. Jason has a passion for sports photography and is usually found on the sidelines behind a giant lens.