The High School, Club Sports & Activities App

A full-featured sports and activities mobile app with the power to connect and engage your community

REPu app shown in iPhone

Some of the Benefits

Promote Your School or Club

Put your school or club into the hands of your fans

Engage Your Community

Keep your fans up-to-date with their favorite sports & activities

Powerful Yet Simple to Use

Built and designed for high schools and clubs

iPhone & Android

Big time exposure for your school or club brand, sports & activities

The REPu App is available on both iPhone and Android devices, and is a FREE download for your community. You can now put all your sports & activities directly in the hands of your fans no matter what device they have.

Professional Design

The NFL, MLB or NBA experience at the High School & Club level

Everyone who follows professional or college sports is pretty familiar with using their favorite sports app to follow their teams. We’ve brought that same level of engagement and quality to High School and Club Sports. The REPu mobile app is designed to make you feel like you’re using the ESPN, CBS Sports or Bleacher Report App.

We believe that you can’t just deliver content in an app, but that it has to be engaging and easy to navigate for your fans. Our user interface is what separates us from the rest of our competition. Your fans will love using the app, which will keep bringing them back to get more content.

All Sports & Activites

Football, Band, Golf, Robotics... Give every group the same opportunity

Students participate in more school and club activities than just athletics. That’s why we designed the REPu Platform to promote more than just your sports teams. While sports are a big part of a school, today there are so many more activities that students are a part of. Highlight your Marching Band, Robotics team or other clubs and activities that your student body are involved in.

The REPu platform gives every student an opportunity to shine. The more students you have in your app, means the more parents that download your app, which means the more your community is engaged with your app and school!

Rich Media

Photos & videos like never before

Fans want to watch highlight videos, view action photos from a game, read post game news articles, and the REPu app is the premiere platform to deliver this content. Give your fans the ability to watch videos of last night’s football game while laying in bed Saturday morning, or view photos from the Volleyball game while at the office.

The best part is whenever you add new media in your app, you can send your users a notification so they know that there’s something new to check out!

Live Scoring & Notifications

Instant score updates, game alerts and important messages to keep your fans engaged

With the tap of a button in your app, you can send out an end of the quarter score update to hundreds of your fans who couldn’t make the game. Moms and & Dads that are stuck at work can get notifications to see their child’s team is winning at halftime! This is such an easy and simple way to keep your community engaged with your school’s sports teams when they are away from the game.

This is available for ALL levels too, not just the Varsity games. That means you can send out Freshman Volleyball live game updates. How cool is that for all the Freshman parents who can’t make the game?