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St. Francis


We’re excited to announce that REPu is the official app partner for St. Francis! The new SF Athletics app is the only app you need to keep track of all the sports and activities happening around campus that you care about, and it's free! Use messaging to keep updated on the sports you're involved with, get real-time score updates on games, and find the latest photos, videos, and news.

Build strong sports communities. #REPu

In the Capuchin Franciscan tradition, the St. Francis Athletic Department fosters a community where players, coaches, and parents work for personal development of its student-athletes through a commitment to team goals and the school’s philosophy. The Athletic Department believes that through the pursuit of athletic excellence, important life skills are taught, and personal character is emphasized.
A Golden Knight Student/Athlete is expected to:

  • put the team first
  • display good sportsmanship
  • be responsible and accountable

A Golden Knight Coach is expected to:

  • be concerned with the student/athlete’s well-being
  • exhibit personal and professional integrity
  • treat others with respect

A Golden Knight Parent is expected to:

  • be a gracious fan
  • support his/her son, his coaches, and his teammates
  • help his/her son maintain a proper perspective

Participating in athletics at St. Francis High School is a privilege that is earned. The student-athlete should appreciate the environment and opportunity to participate in high school athletics. Being a good citizen and a conscientious student is an integral part of being a student-athlete.

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